Follow the sexy misadventures of Mickey & Mallory, a casual lifestyle couple who are trying hard to be the family next door while being consensually non-monogamous. From sex toys to the latest swingers in the news, you’ll hear our take on it.

October 3, 2021

The Panic Button - When Self-Soothing Fails

In any ethically non-monogamous situation, inevitably we're going to encounter a wave of emotion leftover from the decades we've all been conditioned for monogamous behavior.  Be it religion or family dynamics, living an ethically non-monogamous life often runs counter to our upbringing. That emotional wave can rapidly turn to panic and it's incumbent upon us to self-soothe...but what if you CAN'T?  What if it hits you like a truck and you don't know what to do?

That doesn't happen to Casual Swinger, does it?  <spoiler alert - YES it did>


This week we discuss why we need to self soothe, and some tips and tricks for helping yourself cope with that first wave of butterflies before it becomes a hurricane...of razor blades.


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