Follow the sexy misadventures of Mickey & Mallory, a casual lifestyle couple who are trying hard to be the family next door while being consensually non-monogamous. From sex toys to the latest swingers in the news, you’ll hear our take on it.


Let's face it.  When it comes to open relationships, the girls hold ALL the cards.  (Especially hotwives!)


As if it wasn't bad enough as a single guy looking for love, once you're a MARRIED guy looking for fun you're tossed in with every bad experience a girl has EVER had in her dating life...and the odds are NOT stacked in your favor.

We talk about this frustrating experience for many guys from the Mickey's perspective when he was in an open marriage and dating, with some tips about how to help yourself be more successful as you navigate these treacherous and challenging waters.

Be prepared, not everyone is going to agree with everything we say here, and we didn't even cover ALL of it.  Get ready for the challenge of a lifetime...Mission Impossible - The Struggle of the Married Guy in an Open Relationship!



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It's Christmastime in Casual Swingerland!  

Join Mickey & Mallory tonight while we discuss our pasts, how they relate to our relationships today, and how our present behaviors might impact our future.  Do it along side us and the three ghosts of "A Christmas Carol" as we're walked down memory lane (among other things) and figure out some answers to some burning questions we've had for years.

This holiday spectacular is our last episode of 2021 and we want to thank all of you, the listeners, our friends, supporters, and anyone who's purchased from Casual Toys this year.  Thanks to all the content creators who've paved the way for us to make our silly show and had fun with us along the way.


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So often when we meet folks we click with the conversation turns to “rules,” which often times become a checklist of things we shouldn’t do if we want the other side to continue engaging with us...that feels...wrong? 

Is there a better conversation to have other than the “Pretty Woman,” conversation that goes something like this: “I’m pretty much a sure thing, but I never kiss on the mouth.”  What are some of our own boundaries & rules we’ve had over the years? What's the DIFFERENCE between a "rule," and a boundary?

Want some sexy things for your stocking?

Want to pick the best bourbon for a stocking STUFFER?

We’ll get into all of it on this week’s Casual Swinger!


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Podcast-A-Palooza is LEGIT.


We traveled to Dallas, Texas (we LOVE Texas!) with over 160 other lifestyle minded folks to learn, network, and connect in the sexiest environment anywhere, the highly curated lifestyle experience we call "Podcast-A-Palooza!"

Content creators from all areas of the lifestyle descended on Dallas to share experiences with fans & friends alike in educational and entertaining sessions designed to expand on each of our journeys personally, sexually, and even professionally.  

We laughed, we danced, we broke stuff...find out what's so damned special about this event and why we can't IMAGINE not attending this event every year!  We dig into our favorite aspects of the event and even drew in attendees to tell you guys what's so great about PCAP!


Listen in...and join us next time!

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Mallory's Hotwife journey has been an interesting road already.  Hear about some of the challenges she's faced as she gets VERY real discussing her inability to find what she wants, and dealing with one of the worst downsides of disingenuous partners...ghosting.

We cover some of the factors we take into account when talking to a new friend for her and our process for selecting new friends for her while having a few laughs along the way...won't you join us?


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Fantasy is a big part of every bedroom in America, regardless if you're a swinger or not.  Couples have been dressing up & pretending they're everything from the preachers daughter to a college professor since the beginning of time...yet lots of us never get into the practice.  Curious? 


So are we!  So we invited hotwife/cuckold couple powerhouse Jack & Kissy back on to talk about their INTENSE role play game!  Hear about some of their favorite characters they play and why this aspect of their sexuality actually improves their luck with couples!



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In any ethically non-monogamous situation, inevitably we're going to encounter a wave of emotion leftover from the decades we've all been conditioned for monogamous behavior.  Be it religion or family dynamics, living an ethically non-monogamous life often runs counter to our upbringing. That emotional wave can rapidly turn to panic and it's incumbent upon us to self-soothe...but what if you CAN'T?  What if it hits you like a truck and you don't know what to do?

That doesn't happen to Casual Swinger, does it?  <spoiler alert - YES it did>


This week we discuss why we need to self soothe, and some tips and tricks for helping yourself cope with that first wave of butterflies before it becomes a hurricane...of razor blades.


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Making friends is hard enough without worrying about them judging you for the things you do in your bedroom...even if they're not involved.  Tonight Mickey & Mallory sat down to talk about our own personal experience as we made the decision to prioritize lifestyle & sex positive friendships over traditional vanilla friendships as we established roots in a new state.  

Also, we went down to Austin to see Jay & Angie from the Average Swingers Podcast for their annual Austin bar crawl and Angie's birthday!  Hear all about it on this week's Casual Swinger!


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Last week OnlyFans, a British based platform for hosting content & engaging with fans, declared their intent to eliminate adult content from their website effective December 1st, with creators no longer able to upload explicit content after October 1st, 2021.


This decision sent literal shockwaves through the content creator space, sending those creators scattering across the industry looking for other services to host their content and continue providing for themselves and their families safely & securely.  Tonight we sat down with two of those creators, OnlyFans top 1% creators "OnlyAndi" and "ASMRMaddy" joined us to discuss how much effort goes into creating content and what this decision by OnlyFans means for them and potentially other, less prepared creators.


Find how how these ladies manage the landscape, their money, and an industry giant made by sex workers that suddenly doesn't want them anymore. 


OnlyFans bans sexually explicit content to appease banks and payment services

OnlyFans Website May Be Worth $1 Billion After New Startup Funding

Links – MissSykeology

OnlyAndi -

OnlyAndi OnlyFans Free Page -

OnlyAndi OnlyFans Premium Page -

OnlyAndi Fansly -

OnlyAndi FanCentro -

OnlyAndi ManyVids -

Wanderlust Swingers Blog w/ Alternatives for OnlyFans Creators:

Wanderlust Swingers Bonus Episode on OnlyFans Alternatives:


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Well, we did it again.


After you guys went crazy for "For Novelty Use Only," our exploration of sex toy materials that could make you sick, some of you asked us to have a look into lubricants.  We were just as shocked to find out some of this information as we were for your we did the research and this week you're going to find out how some lubricants:

  • Can cause serious infections like bacterial vaginosis
  • Can cause yeast infections
  • Can increase your risk of STI/STDs
  • Can make you sore & irritated
  • Can prevent you from becoming pregnant

It's time for a Casual Swinger educational minute!  Who's ready to sit down & learn!?


Studies Raise Questions About Safety Of Personal Lubricants

Are Lubricants Safe? Potential Hazards of Lubricants for Women

What Is a Body-Safe Lube? Harmful Lube Ingredients to Avoid

Pleasure How to pick a lubricant

Could Your Lube be Hurting You? | Femina PT

Use and procurement of additional lubricants for male and female condoms: WHO/UNFPA/FHI360

6 Lube Ingredients You May Want to Avoid

4 Harmful Lube Ingredients You Should Avoid At All Costs

15 Best Natural Lubes In 2021, According To Gynecologists

15 Best Natural Lubes in 2020 That Feature the Safest Ingredients

Lube Up for Better Lovin'

5 best lubricant alternatives and ones to avoid

Why Some Personal Lubricants Are Not Fertility Friendly

I tried all the bad lubes so you wouldn't have to – SheKnows

Some popular vaginal products linked to infections, study finds

Slippery Slope: Potential Hazards of Lubricants for Vaginal Tissue

Osmolality and pH Properties of Some Commercial Lubricants

Could Your Personal Lubricant Increase Your HIV Risk?.

5 Tips to Keep Your Sex Life Toxin-Free — Non Toxic Revolution

Sarah E. Mueller Smitten Kitten - Presentation on lubricant safety

Water-based Lube - What You Should Know


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